Cambodian Documentary Video: November 2009

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Cambodian Meth Addicts

Description: Meth addiction is on the rise in Cambodia, particularly amongst street kids. Adam talks to some users and visits a drug treatment center for youth


Rehab in Cambodia

There are still very few treatment centers or outreach services for addicts in Cambodia. Adam visits a harm-reduction center, run by NGO Korsang, where users can have a hot meal and place to sleep


Cambodias Threatened Forests

Oliver Nelson from Fauna and Flora International discusses why safrole oil production opens up the forests to a host of other environmental threats


Forest of Ecstasy

Description: In "Forest of Ecstasy" Vanguard correspondent Adam Yamaguchi travels to Cambodia to see how demand for the popular party drug is destroying the country's ancient rain forest.


Animals Rescued From Illegal Wildlife Trade

Description: Animal poaching is a growing problem inside Cambodia's forest. Tigers, bears and gibbons are some of the endangered species caught up in the illegal wildlife trade.


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