Cambodian Documentary Video: Cambodia - Sihanouk a Peace Maker

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cambodia - Sihanouk a Peace Maker


Cambodia - Sihanouk a Peace Maker (1of3) [EN]

Norodom Sihanouk Sangkum Reastre Niyum regime. During his time Sihanouk had to face the quadruple murderous Imperialists, who's trying to use Cambodia as their battle ground

Cambodia - Sihanouk a Peace Maker (2of3) [EN]

While Imperialist Vietcong and Vietminh use Cambodia as their second home to attack Imperialist American, they both draw in Cambodian to die for their colonist wars. Sihanouk did his best to stop his people from being brainwashed by the two muderouse Imperialists but it seem there were too many Yuon in the country who incited bitterly hatred of Khmer and Khmer. There were too many Vietcong roaming like fire out of control

Cambodia - Sihanouk a Peace Maker (3of3) [EN]
On March 28, 1969 , after allowing the settlement of north-Vietnamese troops everywhere in Cambodia , Sihanouk openly declared at a press conference : "the communists have invaded Cambodia -- "I cannot hide them any more - It is time that the International community knows about it..."



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