Cambodian Documentary Video: 1998 - Cambodia - CPP-Hanoi Militias

Friday, June 15, 2007

1998 - Cambodia - CPP-Hanoi Militias

Fearing the overthrown after weeks of peaceful protesting, the government devise a new plan while it military makes news headline all over the world of their brutality. The new plans were to ship in military all over Phnom Penh and dress them in civilian clothing and confront with the opposition in a violence manner. Remember what Pol Pot has said about impersonator.
From: AhmekKhmer

Part - I

Part - II



Blogger said...

Thanks for the important info.
This made me sick that the people of Cambodia still respect and allowing the CPP and a peasant hun sen and his families treated cambodia and her people like slave. As i'd told you all before, we as cambodian/khmers must call for one unity, that mean we must call all of the freedom parties that care about our oun country and our people to form in one big party in order to defeat the CPP and and Vietcong/vietminh's slave, hun sen.
So please wake up all khmer educators, companies workers,students, and farmers. Please use cold politic,and a non-violent way like the US cold war. Khmers should know who's the Viet/cpp is, like the Vietcong and the US soldiers during vietnam war. Hint: if Sam raingsy,and khmers parties combine into one parties vote we will be win, then the communist CPP party will be gone and communist yuon will be gone out of our country for sure. If our khmer can't help ourself, no one will help us. So for the sake of the future of our khmer children, we must win in this next election. No country want Cambodia to be independence but Cambodian. They used Cambodia as a root to generate the money,and each individual benifit. For 20 some years now Cambodia goes nowhere, but a place as a foreign begger with the specail interest groups. I see Cambodia has no independence, no prosper, no educated who can lead the country,students who're graduated have no job,too mush pribbery,uneducated judges, no revenue for the country,scams, lawlessness, the Criminals run the country,the leader is treason, the king is powerless/ pupet king, no shame. Do you think Cambodian/khmer deserve all these?
Do you think Cambodian/khmer will be prosper? We must tell Hun sen that he needs to go, and let other run for better Cambodia.
Cambodia must adopt term limit for the prime minister and the senators,and congress otherwise Cambodian/khmer will be the " Begger " forever or Cambodia become a welfare state, that's why the thai look down at khmer so much...eeyore

3:46 PM  
Blogger siemreap215 said...

I would like to say thank you so much to cpp party! Why i said like that,because i have had two things to say thank you to cpp party.
The first one: the cpp party saved my family life and all khmer people life,but not khmer people they didn't live with pol pot regime and they did not know how much of suffering of khmer people during khmer rouge took Cambodia over and they don't agree with i say thank you to cpp party.
The second one:The cpp let all khmer people decision to lived in the Thai,and cambodia border camp.

9:37 AM  

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