Cambodian Documentary Video: Pol Pot the Interview & Confession

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pol Pot the Interview & Confession

Pol Pot the Interview & Confession - Part I

Pol Pot the Interview & Confession - Part II


Blogger Peter Heang said...

this guy is lying through his teeth.. what a tragedy for the Cambodian people to watch him die without confessing

12:19 PM  
Blogger paul_tom_hudson said...

Speaking to the Khmer I found it astonishing how little bad feeling there is now. I think they just want to be proud again, and so they should be. I stayed at friends in her small village, they seem to not have an opinion either way. In Koh Kong (the place of the last stand for the Khmer Rouge) where another friend of mine lives, Ex Khmer Rouge live side by side with descendants of the people they persecuted. The only definable relic of Pol Pots regime is that the designated Khmer Rouge village rarely experiences crime as they are known to be heavy handed and a very strong community. Cambodia and the Khmers truly are remarkable, well worth visiting.

4:21 AM  
Blogger kk said...

according to his interviewed within this scripts.i think pol pot. he could be right or could be wrong from begining of his start up to be a leader of khmer rouge and thrugh out the whole regimes,it was sound just like he was lacked of a knowlege to lead his whole party,that mean he has denied that he wasn`t expected there were so many innecense civilian who had during that period.but i kind to give him some credit on what all his doing about was to protected the cambodian country from the neithbors countries that are always want to steal or rob the whole think about this and let try to compaire with today goverment control and he pol pot.which one of this can protect cambodia better than i think there are no killing,but cambodia getting smaller and smaller than the pol pot was in the power.and people most of the stil very poor and almost getting worth that pol pot regime.

11:30 PM  
Blogger siemreap215 said...

Why he said he didn't know about Cambodian were killed,because he is the leader of whole his party during he took over from Lon Nol regime? I give him a credits about the land don't let any country take it,but he killed so many people,If no Khmer people live in Cambodia the neigber will take it easier.I believed if no one helping Cambodian on that time and i thought no Khmer people live on this planet Pol Pot killed all of them including my family too.
I want all nations helping us,but no one,I don't like Veitnames helping us,Who helping us on that time,we were in Cambodia got ready to died during Veitnames came to Cambodia,because Khmer rouge tried to killed more people during Veitnames came over.On the village i used to lived in i saw hundred,thousand, people were killed by Khmer rouge and the Khmer rouge always said they were connecting with Veitnames so the Khmer rouge killed all of them in 04/1979.

10:43 AM  

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