Cambodian Documentary Video: Sex Trafficking in Cambodia (Full Version)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sex Trafficking in Cambodia (Full Version)


Blogger Chongjun said...

I will go to Cambodia to work in several months after I receive my Ph.D degree. I will go there to help people fight malaria.I'm from China. I'll work there for 2 or 3 years.Wish I can help!

God bless the country!

10:40 AM  
Blogger said...

well, 10:40 AM I appreciate your kindness. And I very much appreciate your concern. You are so thoughtful...Oh by the way, WHERE IS THE CAMBODIAN RED-CROSS?

12:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Video "Sex Trafficking in Cambodia" has touched my heart deeply. I found myself touching the computer screen when there faces came on and prayed for their recovery from the awful things that had happened to them expecially the ones who were little girls like the four year old and seven year old sisters. I came to this site because i am a student at the University of Nebraska and i am taking a class about women and the criminal justice system. On Monday we will talk about sex trafficking and for extra credit we may bring a video clip on the subject.This sad topic deeply disturbs me in so many ways. I am a twenty four year old female and i have a seven year old daughter.I am married to a wonderful sweet man and i also have a beautiful two year old son. For some reason i stay awake many nights and am haunted by what women and children are going through while i lie safe in my warm bed next to a man that loves me and would never hurt me or our children. Nothing of this sort has ever happened to me but everytime i hear the word sex trafficking i get really scared. I couldn't imagine it if someone took my little seven year old daughter and did the things to her that they did to those other two little girls who were sisters. No matter who you are or where you live or whether or not you are educated or living in poverty no one deserves that. When i see a child who can't read or write and is a victim of poverty standing next to a child who is able to go to school and is from a wealthy family i see the same child. they have the same feelings and same heart. No child ever ever deserves to be victimized by the most disgusting act in this world. God must be so angry. Angry that men are having sex out of wedlock and even more angry at the fact that they are raping little children. How could they be so heartless. i swear that every time a tear runs down a childs face because they are forced to have sex an angel dies in heaven and one is born in hell. If those nasty poeple( men, brothel owners, madams) think they wiil be forgiven i hope they are wrong. I hope God doesn't forgive them. I hope that when they die they go to hell and have to endure every pain they inflicted on someone inocent. I am usually not one to judge because i am not perfect but this subject always gets my blood boiling with anger. I want it to stop right now. I want to help everyone of those women and children, rescue them but i can't because there are so many out there. Any one reading this response, PLEASE PRAY FOR ALL WHO SUFFER. Everyone of those girls in that video will be on my mind tonight while i lie awake in bed. All of them count and all should be thought about. There are so many who think they are worthless because they can't read or because they are poor. But this is so untrue. Think of them, and think of them often. God is bigger than are circumstances and can make anything happen and anything change, All we have to do is ask. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

1:15 AM  

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