Cambodian Documentary Video: Political Rally in Cambodia (1998)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Political Rally in Cambodia (1998)

"Realizing that the preliminary results of the election announced by the National Election Commission was fraudulently fixed against their vote, the Cambodian mass took to the street their protest for fairness. The demonstration grew from ten thousand to seventy thousand people by the third week. They cheered, chanted and enthusiastically called for a true democracy. This unprecedented phenomenon threatened Hun Sen's regime. With his dictatorial behavior, Hun Sen ordered his troops to crackdown the peaceful demonstrators and demolish "The Democracy Square". He trucked in thousands of his well-trained soldiers from Kompong Speu to the city to face up to the democratic demonstrators. With the support of Hun Sen's police and military forces, this group waged violence against those peaceful demonstrators, causing countless deaths, injuries and disappearances."

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Blogger siemreap215 said...

Why politicians against the government situation? Why you need people died for? You can't win the situation government.The people just got freedome from pol pot regime and now you want all of them died again? Please do not need people died for you!If you want everything coming good to you or for our people you have to talk to the government first.They know how to speak khmer with you.Please don't let khmer die again.

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